How to use messenger word effects – Messenger word effects not showing solutions

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How to use messenger word effects – Messenger word effects not showing solutions : Facebook Messenger is a very important means of communication. We use Messenger the most to communicate and chat with each other.So to make Messenger’s communication system easier and more interesting, a new option called Word Effects has been added to Messenger. You can send different types of emojis with one click through Messenger Word Effects.

How to use messenger word effects

In today’s post we will discuss how to use Messenger word effects on Facebook Messenger. So follow the whole post carefully then you will understand clearly.

What is Messenger Word Effects?

Messenger Word Effects When you type a word, you will see a specific emoji that you have selected while chatting. This is a new update of Messenger. It has been added to Messenger in a new way.

When you chat with the word effects in messenger, you will be blown away by certain emoji screens while typing in a certain word. Which is a very nice and interesting feature. You can make your chatting more interesting with the Messenger effects.

When you turn on word effects in messenger, when you send a word to your friend, he will be able to see those specific emojis and he will be surprised.

How to use Messenger word effects

Word effect is a very popular setting in Messenger. With this option you can easily make your conversation more enjoyable. Here are some steps you can take to begin the process of using word effects in Messenger.


First you have to open the messenger application. Next you have to open any chart list of your messenger.


Next click on the Eye button option above. Then you can see there is an option called “word effects”, click on word effects option.


Next you will find an empty box at the bottom. There you can type any common word by clicking on the “add word or phrase” option. After typing a word, you will see an emoji icon next to it. Click on that icon and select an emoji of your choice. Next you can add it by clicking on the arrow icon.


Now you come back to Chat Conversation and send the word you added there. Then you can see that the emoji that you have selected while writing the word is flying over the emoji screen.

Messenger Word Effects Not Showing

Messenger word effects is seen using Messenger word effects not showing on some phones. Again some phones have messenger word effects not working. To resolve this issue, you must update your messenger from the Play Store. If you update Messenger, Messenger will show word effects on your phone. And even then if your messenger word effects does not show in your messenger then your android phone will not support it. If your phone is normal then it will not support.

In general, if the word effects is not showing, you will try to update the messenger from the play store.Then you can see messenger word effects emoji.

I hope you have learned something new from today’s post. If you like the post, be sure to share it with your friends so that they too can be aware of the subject. Thank you for staying with us.

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