Facebook professional mode turn Off/On – How to turn on Facebook professional mode 2024

Facebook professional mode : Friends, Facebook has already launched a new feature called Facebook Professional Mode. This feature of Facebook is currently seen in some profiles and will come to all Facebook accounts in the future. Today we will discuss Facebook how to trun on Facebook professional mode and how do i turn off facebook professional mode.

What is Facebook Professional Mode?

Now i discuss how to switch to professional account on facebook. Facebook Professional Mode is a new feature of Facebook, through which a Facebook account can enjoy the benefits of Facebook pages from the classic mode. The Facebook account looks like a Facebook profile type page. This professional total of Facebook can be turned off at any time.

If you turn off, your Facebook ID will be the same as before. You may have heard the name of Facebook’s meta for creator’s program. The plan of this program was to earn income from Facebook ID. A person can earn up to 35,000 dollars per month through Facebook Professional Mode Reels. If you have professional mode on Facebook, you can earn income by uploading reels video. Reels video is less than one minute long like Tiktok video.

How to turn on facebook professional mode

If you want to turn on facebook profile into professional mode, you must get an invitation from Facebook. Facebook professional mode invite in very important. You cannot manually turn on Professional Mode on Facebook in any other way. As soon as you enter the Facebook app, you will see an invite notification. From there you can turn it on.

  • Or you go to your Facebook profile.
  • Then click on the three dot button.
  • Then you will see the “Professional mode on” option. Clicking there will turn on professional mode on your Facebook.
Facebook professional mode turn Off/On - How to trun on Facebook professional mode

However, it will gradually move to every Facebook account. You just have to be more discriminating with the help you render toward other people. Because this professional mode of Facebook and the reels of Facebook are in test condition. This professional mode will be seen on all profiles later, as it is being tested by Meta Company.

How to turn off facebook professional mode

You can turn off professional mode anytime you want.

  • Go to your profile to turn off the professional mode of Facebook.
  • Then click on the 3 dot button.
  • Then click on the “Turn Professional Mode off” option.

Then the professional mode will be turned off on your Facebook account.

It is often seen that we turn on the professional mode when the Facebook account is locked. In this way we can no longer turn off. Because the option to turn off does not come later. This is a bug of Facebook. The problem may be solved if it is updated later on Facebook. Now that Facebook has a test version, some options are missing.

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