399+ BEST Sad Bio For Instagram 2024 (Hindi & English)

Welcome to the Sad bio for Instagram post. In this post you will find best sad bio for Instagram which you will like very much. There are many sorrows in the life of every human being. And to express this sad feeling, many add sad bio on Instagram profile.

There are many of us who like sad bio for Instagram a lot. Through this they want to understand the sufferings of their life. Briefly expressing one’s troubles through a bio is called a sad bio.

If you look at your friends’ IDs on Instagram, you will see that they add sad bio for Instagram in Hindi and English. But unfortunately, one cannot copy other’s bio from an Instagram profile. Don’t worry you will get best sad bio for Instagram in this post and you can copy it from here.

Sad Bio For Instagram for Boys

Sad bio for Instagram for boys
Sad bio for Instagram for boys

💔Sad BOY💔
😉Desi Munda😉
♈Al⊙Ne ßoy 😉
♋GymLover 💪

I Hate Love 💔
Gym Lover 💪
Music Lover🎧
Basketball Player🏀
No Love No Tention 💔
Cake Murder 18 February 🎂

😿 Sad Boy 🧑🏻
🍼 Born to Live Alone ☹ 😫
💯 I Hate My Life 💀
👉🏻 But still alive 😔

☹️ Sad Boy 🧒🏻
🙋🏻‍♂️ Single with sorrow 😥
❎️ No Money / No Love 💔
👉🏻 This is Real Truth 💯

❣️Welcome to _my Profile❣️
➡ Khalnayak☆
➡ 👏Bad_boy☆
➡ ♡Love MoM & DaD♡☆
➡ ✌KtM Bike Lover ❤😄☆
➡ 😢 BROKEN 💔

❤️‍🩹 #SadBoy 💔
🙁 Heavy Hearted 💔
❌️ Don’t trust anyone quickly🤚🏼
💯 Everyone is mean except
my mom & dad 👨‍👩‍👦

🧔🏻‍♂️ Mr_innocent 🙈
👉🏻 Life will teach you to forgive,
but not to forget .. ❌️
👀 Watch but not see. 💭
🦻🏻 Hear but not believe .. 🤞🏻
❤️‍🩹 To leave and not to return .. ⏳

👉🏻 Mr. Mojnu 🖤
🎶 Music lover 💗
🙈 Pagal Shayar ✏️
🥺 Joyless Londa 🧑🏻
💤 Earlier sleep also used to come,
dreams also used to come but not now. ✖️

Sad Bio For Instagram for Girls

sad Instagram bio for girls
sad Instagram bio for girls

Sad Girl 💔
Wish Me On 20 July 💕
I Hate My Life 😔
Inside 💔💔
Love Only👉Mom Dad😘
Badminton Soul 💖
Love My Besties 👭✌

Welcome To My Profile✌🏻
Simple Girl👰🏻
Mom Dad ❣️
Music Addicted🎧
Dance Craze 💃
Brocken 💔 💔
Cake Murder 🔪 27May🎂

Welcome to Insta Profile😉
Broken angel 💔
I have a lot of trouble in my life 😭
Always I hate Love 💔
Wish Me 20 July 🎂
Big Fan of Virat Kohli 🏏

🏡 Live in pune 📍
💔 Broken Heart 🥺
🖤 Darkness inside me ☻️
🖐🏻 A innocent person with his sad story 🙈
❤ I loved but he did business 💰

💔 #Broken #SadGirl💔
🤕 Achhe Log itni jaldi kyu chale jate hai?😭
🙇🏻 I have a complaint with GOD… 🛕

Broken Heart 💔
I Hate Love ❤
Sad Song Lover 🎶
No Trust Anyone ❤️❤️
Big Fan Of Arijit Singh🎤
Wish Me On 🎂 16th Feb🎂

Instagram Sad Bio

👀 I_See_You 😇
👫 I_Stay_With_you
💌 I_Miss_You🥺
💘 I_Love_You❤️
😍 U_Love_Me🌹

No one to trust 💔
Cheaters are not allowed ❌
I am happy alone in my life 🙂
I Hate My Life 😔
Wish Me 13 July 🎂

🥺 Ek Preshaan 💔
✖️ No one love me ✖️
💭 Kbhi kbhi sochta hu 🙁
😡 Zindagi itni muskil kyu h ☠️

💔 Hate love 💯
💔 Broken inside ❤️‍🩹
💔 Love failure ne rula diya, 😭
💔 Sidha sadha tha m usne
badmas bna diya. 🔫

Sad #Alone 💔
❤ Love doesn’t always bring happiness ❌️
🥺 sometimes it brings sadness. 😓
💯 Miss U Till Death ☠️

🙅🏻‍♂️ Don’t love 💞
😡 Who doesn’t appreciate your love? 🤎
💯 because you will die every day. 👎

📚 Bookworm 🪱
❤️‍🔥 Sad Feelings 🥺
🙅🏻‍♂️No love / No hope 🙅🏻‍♀️
🎧 Arjeet Songs 🎵
🕚 Time spent and people gone
from life do not come back. ✖️

💔 Alone 101 % 😟
🙈 Masoom insan 👀
🙅🏻‍♂️ No Attitude 🚫
💯 Simple Personality 🔥
😡 Hate This world 🌎

👎🏻 DownHearted ❤️‍🩹
💔 Love Aloneness 💯
❎️ Don’t like to meet 😡
💁🏻‍♂️ It doesn’t matter to anyone whether
I am lonely or sad 🥺

🧿 Broken Heart 💔
🧿 Upset Mind 😫
🧿 Need Alcohol 🍺
🧿 From Gurugram 📍
🧿 I want to cry,
but I’m scared of the world. 🎃

❌️ Don’t need Drugs 💊
❎️ Don’t need poison ☣️
🐢 Your love killing me slowly 💔

Heartbreak bio for Instagram

💜 Sad Song 🎵
💜 Alcoholic 🍺
💜 Ishq 1 Dhokha 😟
💜 The secret of happiness= Singel 💯

️#Sad #Tuta_Dil
😢 Mere Chehre pr aanshuo k daag, 💦
💝 Usse pyaar kiya tha isliye chhod diya. 💢
❤️‍🔥 Verna bdlaa lene ki dbi dil m aag hai. 🔥

😔 #Melancholy ❤️‍🩹
🌊 In the sea of smiles 🙃
👉🏻 I’m the invisible one drowning in sorrow

🙇🏻 0 Friends ❌
🥺 Sad Londa ❤️‍🩹
💯 Broken Heart 💔
❤ Music Addict 🎶
😫 Juthi duniya, jutha pyaar
kispe kru aitbaar 💔

🌷 Low Spirited Boy 🙇🏻‍♂️
🌷 No Feelings / No Love ❌️
🌷 That’s why I don’t have any tension. 💁🏻

💯 I Hate Love 💞
😖 Poisonous memories ☣
🤎 U want Love? So Earn Money 💰

💯 Big Alcoholic 🍷
😟 Always Discouraged 🤷🏻‍♂️
💔 Cause I can never do what I want to do🥺

😄 Namaste 🙏🏻
💔 Brokenhearted 💔
💤 I want to sleep forever.
But your dreams don’t let me sleep 😫

😵‍💫 I’m an Alcoholic 🍷
💯 I’m Mad / I’m Sad 😿
💔 Just because of you 👀

Sad bio for Instagram in Hindi

sad Instagram bio in Hindi
sad Instagram bio in Hindi

𝄞⋆⃝जिंदगी में अकेले रहना समझा जा सकता है😕
अकेलापन कितना कष्टदायक होता है.😓💔

𝄞⋆⃝ हालाँकि तलाश करने का सौभाग्य हर किसी को मिलता है,🖤
पाना हर किसी को नसीब नहीं होता.😢🥀

𝄞⋆⃝हकीकत कभी खूबसूरत नहीं होती, 🗣️
और खूबसूरत कहानियों में हकीकत नहीं होती. 💯

𝄞⋆⃝रात भर जागते लोग🙂
बहुत जल्दी मर जाता है.💔🖤

𝄞⋆⃝लोग सही कहते हैं, ✅
दुनिया में कोई नहीं है,❌❌
थोड़ी सी माया, बाकी अभिनय है। 🖤😑

𝄞⋆⃝तभी दुख होता है💔🖤
जब कोई बहुत करीब आ जाता है❌
फिर चला जाता है 😑💔

𝄞⋆⃝रिश्ते के दौरान नहीं,🫂
रिश्ता टूटने के बाद तुम्हें समझ आएगा
उसे इसकी कितनी जरूरत थी.💯

𝄞⋆⃝खुश हैं वे,👩‍❤️‍💋‍👩
दूसरों के सीने में छुरा घोंपने वाले 🔪💔
अच्छा बनना जानता है

जब 𝄞⋆⃝ करीब हो,𝒔 कोई नहीं समझता
लेकिन खो जाने पर हर कोई ढूंढता है.😞💯

𝄞⋆⃝हर कोई बोल सकता है,🥀
लेकिन हर कोई बात करते नहीं रह सकता. 🤦💔

𝄞⋆⃝कभी-कभी कुछ लोग साबित कर देते हैं,
वे विश्वास और प्यार के लायक नहीं हैं। ❌💔

𝄞⋆⃝किसी को इतना भी नजरअंदाज मत करो,🥰❣️
वो तुम्हारे बिना जीना सीख जाता है.😑🥀

Sad Instagram bio in English

sad Instagram bio in English
sad Instagram bio in English
  • I smile becoz it’s easier than explaining why I’m sad.
  • Behind my smile is a lot of sadness you will not understand.
  • You pushed me away, I’ll leave. but never stop caring.
  • Tears come to my eyes as I miss them.
    Sorry, I still can’t tell you how much I miss him.
  • You realize that, breathing is hard when you cry so much.
  • I didn’t expect to get my heart back in pieces.I gave it to you in one piece.
  • I’ll never forget You because you’ve changed me forever.
  • Everything changes with time. Be it friendship or love.
  • Whether there is something in people’s destiny or not, Sadness is more or less in everyone’s fate.
  • Even if everything ends, love for some people never ends.
  • Everything old is depreciated, Be it things or people.
  • Not from complaints, but from experience! People feel cheap if given more importance.
  • I could not win the man’s heart even with my all.
  • Both of us changed, you willingly and I forced.
  • Nobody cares if I’m not online.
  • There are some depressions in our life. Which cannot be revealed to anyone except the Creator.
  • Let me know if you need it! But don’t act.

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Best Sad bio for Instagram

Best Sad bio for Instagram: 🖤 Darkness inside me ☻️, Alone 101 % 😟, Broken Heart 💔, Need Alcohol 🍺, Poisonous memories ☣

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