How to protect facebook account from getting locked

How to protect facebook account from getting locked : Almost everyone of us uses Facebook. But due to the misuse of Facebook, our Facebook ID is often blocked or temporarily locked. In today’s post I will discuss the reasons why my Facebook ID is locked and the reasons why Facebook ID is blocked.

If you read this short post carefully today, you will know a lot about why Facebook ID is locked or blocked.

How to protect facebook account from getting locked

Today, let’s ensure the safety of your Facebook account without knowing it.It is a common question that Facebook account locked how to unlock.

Why your Facebook account is Blocked – protect facebook account from getting locked

Here are some of the reasons why Facebook IDs are usually blocked:-

Avoid violence message or post 

Don’t write anything offensive in Facebook status or message that makes you think you are threatening someone. If you do that then you can be blocked if that person reports to your account. Facebook takes this allegation very seriously. So refrain from threatening anyone from your Facebook account.

Stop sending additional friend requests

After we create a new Facebook account, we send friend requests to more than one person in a day to increase the number of friends in the friend list on Facebook. That’s not right at all. Exceeding this limit will block your Facebook account.

Stop sending the same message over and over again in one day

If you write the same message on a Facebook page or group on the same day and message more than once, then your account may be blocked.

Stop repeating the same post

If you do the same post more than once with your own Facebook ID, it may be considered as Facebook spam and may block your Facebook account. So try to refrain from it. Never do the same post more than once in a day.

Turn off likes on multiple Facebook fan pages every day

If you like more than one Facebook fan page every day, it will warn you first. If you continue to do so, the account may be blocked.

Your Facebook account will never be locked. Take a look, it will be useful.Many of you may not know how your Facebook account is locked from Facebook.

Why Your Account has been locked – protect facebook account

  1. If you are not 100% complete Facebook profile.
  2. If you open a Facebook account without the correct information.
  3. If you use an uncommon name.That is, if you use a fake name.
  4. If you send an additional friend request.
  5. If you copy live video.For example: if you play cricket illegally and show your profile live, your ID may be blocked.
  6. If you post pornographic videos or pictures.
  7. If you are spamming on Facebook
  8. If anyone reports you. [Note: this will only work for those whose ID is fake]

How to save facebook account from lock – protect facebook account

  • Be sure to complete the profile 100%.
  • Open Facebook with your original profile picture.This will make your ID strong.
  • Will not post any pornography.
  • Keep only known friends on your Facebook ID.
  • Keep the number of friends small in the friend list.

If you follow all these things, your ID will not be a problem.

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