7 Big Mistake due to Facebook Account Disabled

7 Big Mistakes Due to Facebook Account Disabled: One thing that has been noticed recently is that many Facebook accounts are getting disabled. Because of some of our own small mistakes, Facebook temporarily locks or disables our IDs. If our favorite Facebook account is disabled then we can feel for ourselves how sad we are.

Today I will talk about a total of seven mistakes that can cause your Facebook account disabled or locked. If you follow these seven mistakes today, your Facebook account will not be disabled and locked. I will also explain how Facebook accounts disabled community standards.

7 Mistake for Facebook Account Disabled | Facebook account disabled community standards

7 Big Mistakes Due to Facebook Account Disabled

Why My Personal Account Was Disabled This is a common question for many. Your account has been disabled for Facebook community standards. Many people say that my Facebook account is disabled for no reason. There must be some reason why the Facebook account is disabled which many of us do not know. So, let’s start:-

Using the real name in Facebook ID

One of the main reasons for disabling Facebook IDs is adding fake names to Facebook. Many of us create Facebook accounts in the name of different things without using our own name in our Facebook ID. This is not acceptable to Facebook. It doesn’t like Facebook. In order to keep your Facebook account secure and to prevent your Facebook account from being disabled, you must use your real original name or official name in your Facebook ID.

Add your name to your Facebook account in the same way as your name is given on your NID card, passport, or driving license.  Because in the future, if your Facebook account is disabled, then Facebook will give you a chance to recover the Facebook account.

Then if the name of your Facebook account does not match with your NID card or driving license or passport then you will not be able to recover the Facebook ID. So you must use your official name on Facebook.

Set your own picture to your profile picture

It is important to add a profile picture of yourself to a Facebook account. Because the owner of the account can be identified by looking at a profile picture. If the Facebook profile picture is something other than your own, you can disable it by considering it as a fake Facebook account.

In the profile picture, many people have pictures of different cartoons, flowers, or pictures of other Filmstar stars. Don’t forget it.  Always try to upload a fresh picture of yourself to the profile picture.

Add the actual official date of birth to the Facebook account

Many of us do not give the correct birthday on Facebook. That is why our Facebook account is disabled. I can’t bring it back.  You must add whatever you have on your real birthday to your Facebook account.  Whatever is on your NID card or passport for your birthday must be added to your Facebook account.

Because the next time you try to recover a disabled Facebook account, if your date of birth does not match your NID card, you will not be able to recover your Facebook account.

Maintain Facebook Community Guidelines

Facebook has some Facebook community standards. These are some of the rules and regulations of Facebook. These must be complied with by each of us. Otherwise, our Facebook account may be disabled or blocked.

Each platform has some rules and regulations. Facebook’s Community Guidelines stipulate that you may not use provocative posts on Facebook, posts that offend religious sentiments, insults against anyone, harassing posts, or posts or videos that may lead to riots. In addition, 18+ content cannot be posted on Facebook. If these stop working, your Facebook account will be safe.

Turn on two-factor authentication on Facebook

You must have the two-factor authentication option turned on in your Facebook account.  Then your Facebook account will be much more secure. As a result, the chances of a Facebook account being disabled will be much less. This is because turning on two-factor authentication means adding a valid mobile number and email address.

This mobile number comes with a code through which we can log in to our new Facebook account. It’s not just about security.  This proves that you are a real Facebook user.

Avoid Suspicious Activity on Facebook

Facebook never condones extra illegal activity. It seems suspicious to Facebook when you send different friend requests to Facebook one day unfriend friends from your friend list or change birthdays and names from time to time. Then you can disable your Facebook account.

In addition, your Facebook account may be locked or disabled due to excessive commenting on other people’s photos making bad comments, sending bad messages, etc. Many people get their personal accounts disabled because of these mistakes.

Stop opening multiple Facebook accounts

There are many of us who open a Facebook account from the same device or mobile phone every few days.  It has a bad effect on Facebook. Because when you open a Facebook account every few days, Facebook can detect from which device and from which IP address that Facebook account has been opened.

So if you open the Facebook ID every 15/20 hours, then your Facebook account can be disabled. So be careful about this.

After all, a Facebook account is one of our favorite and most important things.  So it is our responsibility to keep our Facebook account secure.  So if you follow the above steps, hopefully, your Facebook account will never be disabled or locked.

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